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Seeing Cyrillic

Stole this pic from my older sister's blog.  I thought it was cool how it looks like Bulgarian in the reflection: NORTH > НТЯОИ.  Not saying it means anything, just looks like Cyrillic.

The Sounds of Danish

I've been all into the show Borgen lately, which is a Danish political drama.  This evening while catching up on an episode my mom said, "That's a very unpleasant language.  It sounds like they're about to throw up at any moment."  :D  I don't think Danish sounds *that bad.*  It kind of reminds me of a cross between French, German and English. 

Watching that show and hearing all that Danish makes me want to try harder at mastering Norwegian pronunciation, as well as become more confident with that pesky pitch accent thing.  You know, that up-and-down sing-songy lilt of the Scandinavian languages.  Danish doesn't have this feature, but Norwegian and Swedish do.

Anyway, it's a good show and easy to get caught up in.  It went on for three seasons, and I'm about done with the first.  I just wish there was an equally good show in Norwegian that I could watch.

Sistah Robi

I used to love singing along to Robi Kahakalau (still do.)  It made me feel like I could speak Hawaiian, which I think is a really pretty language.  Not saying I'm necessarily good at it - sometimes I stumble over those bursts of short words and the glottal stops throw me off on occasion, but it's fun to try.

The only reason I know what she's saying is because the lyrics are translated in the CD liner notes.  I don't really know the connection between the English and the Hawaiian, just the overall message of the song.
During my early years of language learning, I considered studying Hawaiian, but there wasn't much material to work with, so instead I came to consider Hawaiian (and Tahitian) strictly to be enjoyed through music.  :)
"Himene Tatarahapa" ~ Repent Hymn [Tahitian]

The First Few

Here are some basic expressions in Lithuanian.  This woman has many other videos dedicated to teaching Lithuanian, so be sure to check them out.  :)

I Love You

My older sister posted this on her blog.  It says "I love you" in 12 languages.

Let's see if we can figure out what they are...
1. Kuv hlub koj. - Hmong 2. S'agapo. - Greek 3. Negligevapse. - Inuit 4. Take a wild guess!  :) 5. Szeretlek. - Hungarian 6. Te amo. - Spanish 7. Jeg elsker dig. - Danish 8. Je t'aime. - French 9. Mo ni fe. - Yoruba 10. Yes kez sirumen. - Armenian 11. Ne mohotatse. - Cheyenne 12. Wo ai ni. - Mandarin
If I were to make my own, not using the above languages or languages I'm learning, I think I would include (thanks to Omniglot)...
1. Basque - Maite zaitut. 2. Turkish - Seni seviyorum. 3. Greenlandic - Asavakkit. 4. Swahili - Ninakupenda. 5. Guaraní - Rojhayhû. 6. German - Ich liebe dich. 7. Vietnamese - Em yêu anh. 8. Catalan - T'estimo. 9. Korean - Sarang hae. 10. Sioux - Techihhila. 11. Albanian - Të dua. 12. Elmer Fuddish - I wuv you. ;) 
What languages would you use?  It's kind of fun deciding.

Thanks a Lunch

Had Valentine's lunch at the local Chinese buffet today, and the old guy sitting nearby was teaching his granddaughter how to say "thank you" in Dutch and Chinese (Mandarin.)  Just a little language moment for the day.  :)


Learning Norwegian?  Like to make jewelry?  Lissie Design is a blog I learned about through a bead magazine I subscribe to.  The author is a jewelry designer from Stavanger.  I like her style and the fact she posts in both English and Norwegian.
Norwegian may not be the most difficult language - at least not the written form, but seeing it along with English is helpful.

Still Here & Foreign Movies

Just checking in to say I'm still around.  Okay, so my goal of posting every day hasn't worked out as planned, but aren't we all a tad overly ambitious when New Years strikes?  :)
I recently moved back in with my parents, and in many ways I think it will be a good thing, though I intend for it to be temporary.  First of all, they get HITN on their TV, which is a Spanish-language network.  I've watched Cuadriga, which is basically one of those Sunday-morning roundtable shows where they discuss news of the week.  I also like Puertorriqueñísimo and Así Canta Puerto Rico, which of course focuses on life and music of Puerto Rico, and even though I'm not normally into cooking shows, I've watched Sazón y Algo Más from time to time.  I really should be posting this to my Spanish-blog...
Another thing is, hopefully my mom and I can work on our Spanish together.  I think it sometimes helps to have a study partner for motivation, even if it is the blind leading the blind.  …

Serbo-Croatian Resource

A Handbook of Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian begins with a short introduction, then jumps into the geography and history of each country and how that history influenced various aspects of each respective language.  I found it interesting to learn about the different paths these countries took and understanding how those paths shaped their cultures.  Dialects are briefly touched on here, and again more extensively toward the end.
Before going on, I should note that despite my title choice for this post, the term "Serbo-Croatian" isn't used anymore.  If wanting to learn any of these languages, the best option is to focus on either Croatian or Serbian.  Learning materials for Bosnian specifically are pretty hard to find.  I checked on Amazon and all I found were a couple of Bosnian-English dictionaries.
Back to the book...
The sound system is covered next.  If you're not into the technicalities of it all (which I admittedly am not), the details can be a tad overwhelming.  T…

My Excuse

Uh-oh, I just realized I missed yesterday's post.  Already breaking my resolutions!  I guess I'll cheat and count this as my post for the 2nd. 
I've been a bit stressed and wasn't exactly thinking about this blog today (or yesterday if you want to get technical), because my 15-year old cat (look below) was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  That would be nadczynność tarczycy po polsku, but I wish I didn't have to say it in any language.

Tomorrow...I mean today...I'll try to write a brief review on A Handbook of Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian from the perspective of someone who barely knows this language/these languages and is awful at linguistics, but sin embargo has a deep love for languages, so stay tuned.  :)

2012 and Languages

Happy New Year!  One of my resolutions is to post to this blog every day.  Yep, you heard right.  Having only added two posts last year, and just as few the year before, I want to bring this blog back to life, because I do feel more motivated when I write here.  I'm cutting it close today though, seeing as it's less than an hour until tomorrow.
My mom has recently talked about getting out her German and Spanish.  I keep telling her she'll make a lot of progress if she studies a little every day, and finds ways to keep it in her memory.  That's easier to do with some languages than others.
As for me, I've been sticking with the same nine languages... -Spanish -Portuguese -Dutch -Romanian -Serbian -Polish -Norwegian -Bulgarian -Lithuanian (in that order)
I realize that's a lot, but I know there are people who attempt more, so I don't feel too silly, though I do sometimes question the point in learning so many.  There's that saying, "Jack (or Jill) of all trades a…