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The Sounds of Danish

I've been all into the show Borgen lately, which is a Danish political drama.  This evening while catching up on an episode my mom said, "That's a very unpleasant language.  It sounds like they're about to throw up at any moment."  :D  I don't think Danish sounds *that bad.*  It kind of reminds me of a cross between French, German and English. 

Watching that show and hearing all that Danish makes me want to try harder at mastering Norwegian pronunciation, as well as become more confident with that pesky pitch accent thing.  You know, that up-and-down sing-songy lilt of the Scandinavian languages.  Danish doesn't have this feature, but Norwegian and Swedish do.

Anyway, it's a good show and easy to get caught up in.  It went on for three seasons, and I'm about done with the first.  I just wish there was an equally good show in Norwegian that I could watch.