Sistah Robi

I used to love singing along to Robi Kahakalau (still do.)  It made me feel like I could speak Hawaiian, which I think is a really pretty language.  Not saying I'm necessarily good at it - sometimes I stumble over those bursts of short words and the glottal stops throw me off on occasion, but it's fun to try.

The only reason I know what she's saying is because the lyrics are translated in the CD liner notes.  I don't really know the connection between the English and the Hawaiian, just the overall message of the song.

During my early years of language learning, I considered studying Hawaiian, but there wasn't much material to work with, so instead I came to consider Hawaiian (and Tahitian) strictly to be enjoyed through music.  :)
"Himene Tatarahapa" ~ Repent Hymn [Tahitian]


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