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Knockin' on Lithuanian's Door

I think it was earlier this year that I decided to add Lithuanian to my list.

My thoughts on Lithuanian: 'Hey, it's not so hard.' :D I know I'll be eating those words when I delve a little deeper, because right now, my only resources are Teach Yourself Lithuanian and a rather thick Hippocrene book entitled, Beginner's Lithuanian (of all things.) 

Yeah, a "beginner" level book whose main content is nearly 400 pages (the book itself is almost 500.) That's saying something. I haven't even used this one yet, but I have flipped through it, and it seems promising.

Return of the Blog

I've been focusing a lot on vocabulary lately, especially Portuguese. The other day, I thought about giving up Spanish, but can't. You don't just give up something you've been working at for 15 years. I think Spanish has taken a back burner, because I've added so many languages to the list since beginning to learn it, and I take for granted that it's fairly easy (well, compared to some of the others I'm learning) + the numerous resources.

At the same time, I can't help but think about how advanced I would be if I had concentrated better on it all this time. It's useless to harp on that though, I just have to keep improving from where I am, and that goes for all of the languages on my list.