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East Asian (Con)Fusion

A while back, I ordered a few books off of Etsy.  My primary aim was a Japanese-English Bible, but it also came with the following other two books, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to try my hand at Japanese.  Unfortunately, that didn't last too long.
For one thing, I got sidetracked when this Japanese stuff renewed my interest in Korean, so I added a bunch of Korean-learning apps to my tablet (added a bunch of Japanese too of course), and even spent some time learning Hangul, then I came to my senses - deleted those apps, tore out the sheet I had written the Hangul on and decided to calm down.  I'm already either learning or dabbling in so many other languages as it is - and many of them fairly difficult (several Slavic languages and Lithuanian, for instance) that it seemed silly to add more, especially ones as complex as Japanese and Korean.

My short stint in Japanese and Korean wasn't all in vain, because I did learn a few things.  The Korean alphabet is called H…