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Serbian, etc.

Serbian is growing on me more and more. The funny thing is, learning this language was completely on impulse. The first Slavic language I was interested in was Bulgarian. I'm trying my hand at that one too, but I didn't add it to the list until a few months after Serbian, so I had grown a tad accustomed to the latter. There are similarities between the two (the Slavic languages tend to have a lot in common with each other, both in grammar and vocab, which can be beneficial when learning more than one), but also plenty of differences. And of course, I can't forget Polish, which I actually didn't like at all, but for whatever reason, changed my mind. To backtrack a little, I was talking about how similar yet different Serbian and Bulgarian are from one another. Adding Polish to the mix, here are a few features of these languages... Serbian and Bulgarian are South Slavic; Polish is West Slavic. Despite this, Serbian and Polish seem to have more in common than Serbian an…


I'm a bit preoccupied watching The Nanny on Serbian television. I'm not sure which language the actors are speaking, but it's definitely a Slavic one, and since subtitles are being used, I'm going to assume it's not Serbian (it's probably Russian).