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From Dutch to Duits

I've been concentrating on Dutch recently by reading through and copying the sentences in my Essential Dutch Grammar book to a composition notebook. I'll write the Dutch sentence, the English translation, then a literal translation. This is a good way to learn sentence patterns, which, other than basic straight-forward sentences, are often quite different from English. Some highschoolers from Hermann's sister city in Germany (Bad Arolsen) are coming to town this weekend to perform in a concert. Two of them are staying at my parents' neighbor's house across the alley, and are coming over for a BBQ (I guess - it's been pretty chilly lately.) I told my mom with all the German in this town, from street and shop names to the many German flags flapping in the breeze, they'll probably wonder if their plane ever left the ground: "Are we still in Germany?"

Voice Over

Here's an interesting article explaining Sarah Palin's accent.