Sunday, March 05, 2017

Pickles and Pizza

I'm hopeless.  Now I want to try to learn Korean again just from hearing them talk. 😂  

As for the pizza, New York style is my favorite.  I've never had Detroit style - reminded me of French bread pizza.  It's been forever since I've had Chicago style, so I have no opinion on that one.

They should've done St. Louis style too.  I'm not really from Missouri so I'm perfectly comfortable with saying, it's not that great but not terrible either (In Defense of St. Louis-Style Pizza - never thought of viewing it more as nachos but that is kind of true.)

I'm also perplexed about the pickle thing...   

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Goodbye to Four

These are languages I'm dropping, because I will never get used to the whole pitch accent thing...
Gotta downsize.  It's the only answer to my obsession. :D  

I'm planning on setting up a way to purchase the books I have thru PayPal.   Prices will be reasonable.  Most of the books I have were purchased used to begin with.  My hope and plan is to get that setup by Wednesday, so stay tuned if interested.

Friday, January 20, 2017

My Cringeworthy Bulgarian

From yesterday: me reading the dialogue from lesson one in my Beginner's Bulgarian (Hippocrene) book.  Two couples are flying from New York to Sofia and are basically just getting to know each other: What do you do? Do you have any kids? blah blah blah, yada yada yada.  

I definitely got stuck here and there, and have no doubt my stress is wrong, pronunciation isn't great and who knows what else.  But hey, I tried.  In fact, I had to start over several times and finally just settled on this rendition.  I like the Bulgarian language though and want to get better at it, so any help is appreciated. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shameless Plug

Three posts in one day!  Anyway, I wanted to promote my jewelry blog here, because well, why not?

Be sure to take a look at...
Kelly's Jewelry
My profile gives more info on my jewelry-making hobby (that I hope to turn into something of a career.)

As soon as it crossed my mind to post this, I was thinking of ways I could incorporate language into my jewelry.  Brainstorming session coming up... :)

Language Petals

I had originally left this blog to form a new one: LanguagePetals.  I guess my intention was for it to be a replacement language blog, but sort of became an everything blog for my interests.  Looks like my last post was Christmas 2015 - must've been the year I decided I was tired of blogging. ha!  

Anyway, if interested in seeing some of my language learning musings from that blog, just check out the CATEGORIES on the left sidebar.

I no longer update that blog. :)

Bulgarian Focus

I'm going to put my focus on Bulgarian over the next few days.  I downloaded several apps to my phone, so will start there.  I've been studying Bulgarian for several years and know a few things, but it's been a while.  Of course I have my Bulgarian language books too.  Those two TY books are pretty much identical, but I guess I felt the need to buy both.  I'll share what I learn and maybe you can learn a little български yourself. ;)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Language DeClutter

Last post, I said I was going to drop some languages.  I can never bring myself to actually do it, but the ones I'm considering (off the top of my head) are...
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Latvian
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian (One of my earliest, so I may keep this one.)
  • Slovenian
  • Ukrainian
I'm at least going to do the courses I have for each of these and from there, see if I want to continue.

My definite keepers are...
  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian/Serbian
  • Dutch
  • Estonian
  • Greek (modern)
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
But who knows, maybe I'll find myself phasing out a couple of these too and really just focus hard on five or six.  

My can't decide either way...
  • Russian
I'm becoming a jill of all trades and a master of none. I want to stop "collecting" languages and actually learn them. :)

Monday, January 02, 2017

I'm Back!

I decided to revive this blog last night.  I still love learning languages, but it's been a while since I've really concentrated on any of them.  I might drop a few, because I really am trying too many, but I'll talk about that in another post. :)

Monday, March 02, 2015

East Asian (Con)Fusion

A while back, I ordered a few books off of Etsy.  My primary aim was a Japanese-English Bible, but it also came with the following other two books, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to try my hand at Japanese.  Unfortunately, that didn't last too long.
For one thing, I got sidetracked when this Japanese stuff renewed my interest in Korean, so I added a bunch of Korean-learning apps to my tablet (added a bunch of Japanese too of course), and even spent some time learning Hangul, then I came to my senses - deleted those apps, tore out the sheet I had written the Hangul on and decided to calm down.  I'm already either learning or dabbling in so many other languages as it is - and many of them fairly difficult (several Slavic languages and Lithuanian, for instance) that it seemed silly to add more, especially ones as complex as Japanese and Korean.

My short stint in Japanese and Korean wasn't all in vain, because I did learn a few things.  The Korean alphabet is called Hangul in South Korea.  There's also Hanji, which are Chinese characters used in Korean, but apparantly you can get by without learning them, unlike in Japanese, where you have to learn kanji if you want to get past a child's level in the language.  In fact, I've heard that if you only stuck with hiragana and katakana (Japanese has three alphabets - or "scripts" to be more accurate), you'd pretty much be limited to things like children's books.  That would be fine with me.  I'd feel pretty accomplished if I could even just read children's books in Japanese + I'm sure Japanese children's books are pretty cute.

I can at least wrap my head around written Korean somewhat better than Japanese script.  The letters/characters are arranged in nice little boxes or blocks - never got around to figuring out how that works, but I do like the look of printed Korean better than Japanese.  Also helped that the Korean language pack on my computer actually worked, unlike the one for Japanese.

Japanese is definitely more phonetic, making it easier to pronounce than Korean.  When seeing Japanese transliterated into Latin letters (known as romanji), the connection between what's spoken and written is much clearer than in transliterated Korean.  It's obvious that more time must be spent learning Korean pronunciation, as well as the fact Korean words look to be a lot lengthier than Japanese.

I don't know about the grammar.  I've been under the impression that Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn (for pretty much anybody), but I've seen similar said about Korean.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume neither are exactly a breeze.  

Another thing I will always remember is that questions in Japanese end in desu ka?  I also like Japanese classical music (really Oriental classical music in general), some of which I added to my Spotify.  And who knows, maybe I will at least learn how to say certain phrases in Japanese and Korean.  Finally, a little over ten years ago, I had a gerbil who I gave the Japanese name Sumiko.  Her companion was named Antoinette. :)