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Serbian and Croatian in One

I just ordered the FSI Serbo-Croatian course on Etsy (the books only.)  It seemed like a rare find that I couldn't pass up.  They were published in 1965 & 1968.  Funny how Volume 1 is so worn compared to Volume 2.  Maybe the previous owner was really gung-ho, then gradually lost interest, barely touching the second volume.  I'm always curious to know the history of these old language books I have: Who owned it?  Why did they choose that language?  Did they make much progress?, etc.  Anyway, this course is available online as well, but I prefer having the actual texts, though the recordings will be helpful.

This and That

Long time, no write.  I'm not very good at this "updating my blog" thing, but I'm still learning languages - that's something I'll never stop doing.  I've bought a ton of used (and a couple new) language books from Amazon, as well as a few from Etsy.  I love old language books, even if it's a language I'm not learning.  I recently ordered an old Teach Yourself Russian, as well as a Bulgarian-English dictionary from Etsy.  Can't wait to get them.  They're probably overpriced, as many things on Etsy are, but I just think they look cool and am glad I snatched them up before someone else did.  ;)  
As for what I've been up to in the world of language learning...over the last couple days, I've been focusing on my Bulgarian.  A long time ago, I made individual blogs for each of my languages, but haven't posted anything to them.  I'd like to change that and start using them, so I'm going to try to add something short and sweet …