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A Little Serbian Something

ЗовемсеКели. Американкасаминаравноговорименглески. Не говорим српски, али учим и разумем мало. Са српском, студирам пољски и бугарски.
Zovem se Keli. Amerikanka sam i naravno govorim engleski. Ne govorim srpski, ali učim i razumem malo. Sa srpskom, studiram poljski i bugarski.
My name is Kelly. I'm American and of course I speak English. I don't speak Serbian, but I'm learning and understand a little. Along with Serbian, I'm studying Polish and Bulgarian.
Way to state the obvious, huh? ;) I'd love to know how I did so far, but may try to get a few more entries in before I seek native-speaker help, although if any native speakers are reading, please critique away. :) Serbian is quickly becoming my favorite of the Slavic languages.

Nieuw Boek

By this time I've gotten the book my older sister found for me, which is the Dutch version of In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan. Should be interesting. :)