Still Here & Foreign Movies

Just checking in to say I'm still around.  Okay, so my goal of posting every day hasn't worked out as planned, but aren't we all a tad overly ambitious when New Years strikes?  :)

I recently moved back in with my parents, and in many ways I think it will be a good thing, though I intend for it to be temporary.  First of all, they get HITN on their TV, which is a Spanish-language network.  I've watched Cuadriga, which is basically one of those Sunday-morning roundtable shows where they discuss news of the week.  I also like Puertorriqueñísimo and Así Canta Puerto Rico, which of course focuses on life and music of Puerto Rico, and even though I'm not normally into cooking shows, I've watched Sazón y Algo Más from time to time.  I really should be posting this to my Spanish-blog...

Another thing is, hopefully my mom and I can work on our Spanish together.  I think it sometimes helps to have a study partner for motivation, even if it is the blind leading the blind.  I also hope my being around will inspire her to get out her German courses, because I think she's probably more into the German than the Spanish.  She bought Teach Yourself German a few years ago, but I don't think she's used it at all (yet.)  Being the language addict I am, I think I actually finally asked her if I could take off the wrapper and look at it...the book, not the wrapper...  ;) 

In closing, I saw I'm not Scared last night, which is an Italian movie.  I think I've seen more movies in languages I'm *not* studying than am!  But that's okay, because I've liked most of them and don't mind subtitles (much better than dubbing.)  I had to laugh when they would say "Mangia!" during mealtime, and in one scene when a little girl becomes exhausted riding her bike in the hot sun and sighs, "Uffa!"  I was like, 'This movie is so Italian.'  :)

My parents told me they had watched The Secret in Their Eyes on TV one afternoon.  That one's in Spanish (Argentina).  I had seen it before and found myself all caught up in it - crime dramas tend to drag me in like that.  I really never pass up a chance to see a foreign movie, and it's not because I want people to think I'm *so* cultured (far from it.)  It's simply because the movies are good and just happen to not be in English.


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