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Drive-By Update

I figured after nearly a month, it was about time I posted to this thing, even though I don't really have anything exciting in the world of language learning to report.

I've been studying my Romanian for the last few days, as well as a little Serbian and Portuguese. I also tried to translate some Polish music this morning using this website.

Mujer = Girl?

I got a letter from the girl in Nicaragua I sponsor, and was struck by this sentence: "Soy la unica mujer en mi familia ya que tengo 2 hermanos." I have to say, I've never seen mujer translated to mean 'girl.' I wonder if this is a Nicaraguan Spanish thing, or maybe a mistake? I just thought it was interesting, and perhaps am proving I live under a rock, because for all I know, mujer is quite commonly used to mean 'girl' in certain parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

Making a Real Effort

I really want to get better at my languages. I'm tired of being at a standstill and my lack of motivation.
So... No more passively listening to a newscast while organizing my desk drawer, or reading headlines in a newspaper but not the whole article.
Goodbye to language blogs sitting empty or taking months to post.
Gone are the days of books collecting dust on my shelf, telenovelas gone unwatched, and song lyrics untranslated.
I'm done with audio/subtitle options on DVDs going unused, bookmarked but forgotten podcasts, and long drives sans course CDs.
There are so many things I could be doing every day to improve any one of the languages I'm learning, and I'm going to try harder to do just that.

The Lure of Languages

When you're learning many languages, you can't help but wonder about others and even contemplate learning more, all the while ignoring the fact you need to focus on and improve those "many languages" you've already taken up. That being said, I've become curious about Creole. I don't know if I would get serious about it, but I don't see any harm in learning some basics. Ah yes, famous last words. ;) Whether I do or don't, here's a small handful of resources... Voice of America- Read and listen to the news in Creole. The Good Book - The Word of God, Haitian style. Un jour en Haiti- Each video has a Creole and French version.