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Pondering Persian

I know the last thing I should do is add another language to my list, but I'm seriously considering trying my hand at Persian - at least to get a start in it. It's an Indo-European language spoken in Iran, as well as in Afghanistan where it's known as "Dari," and in Tajikistan where it's known as "Tajik" (of all things) ;). PersianDariTajik


I've been reviewing my Spanish by making vocabulary cards. I started teaching myself Spanish when I was 16, so I have a pretty good grasp of Spanish vocab, but it's always good to review.

Bulgarian Week

I've been focusing on Bulgarian this week. In the past, I've glanced around at various grammar features, so I'm familiar with some basic stuff, such as being able to identify the definite article equivalents, but I'm definitely still a beginner. I like to start reading immediately, even if just a short paragraph, so I printed off an article about Valentine's Day, which I'll try to translate over the next couple of days. Of course having a dictionary helps, and although I prefer a print dictionary I can pull off the shelf, I do have a nice online version bookmarked: Bulgarian Dictionary. It includes idioms, shows the plural form, and indicates where the stress falls, which is irregular in Bulgarian. A Cyrillic keyboard is also available, so that's a plus.

Read Up on Brazil

I'm teaching myself the Brazilian variety of Portuguese. If you're interested in Brazil, here are a few websites to take a peek at: Brazil Max Geographia Maria Brazil