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Well, it's been three months, figure it's time for an update.  Just joking.  :)  I've been studying my Lithuanian, which I mentioned adding to my language list a couple of posts down.  I'm going over the basics, and would like to start trying to read newspaper articles and other texts right away.  

Lithuanian is supposed to be a pretty difficult language, and even though it's not in the same family, I wonder if it's considered harder, easier, or about the same as Polish.   They're both Indo-European, but Lithuanian is Baltic while Polish is Slavic.  These things really mean nothing to me in the long run.  I just take the language as it comes.

So anyway, Lithuanian is the "Language du Jour" and I've got two items to work with: Teach Yourself Lithuanian + the book you see in the pic below.  Look how thick it is and it's only a beginners.

 Pringle with my study materials.


  1. Hi Kelly, I was just interested to know, are you using the podcast 'Lithuanian Out Loud'?
    What's your opinion on it?

  2. Hi. :) I have it in my links but haven't used it too much. What I have listened to though seems like it will be very helpful. I like that the recordings are nice and clear, since I primarily use it to improve my pronunciation.


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