I hope the new year has been good so far with a fresh inspiration to reach those language-learning goals. My only language resolution is to dedicate more time to practice in all areas: listening, writing, reading and speaking. I seem to have hit a huge slump in my language studies, and I want this year to be the start of a turnaround.


  1. You are not alone in hitting a huge slump, I am also hoping for the new year to bring some new motivation :-)

  2. Have you found any motivation yet? I'm starting to. I've been reviewing my Spanish over the last couple of days. :)

  3. Have you been busy with your languages? I'd like to get back into learning Spanish and German, since I haven't studied them for a long time, and have forgotten much of it. Good luck.

  4. I still work on them, but definitely need more consistent motivation. Maybe we can work on Spanish together. I still listen to a lot of Spanish-language music and read some.

    Maybe if you get out your German, some of it will brush off on me, and I can say I know "a little" German as well. At least this town is inspiring for learning German.

    If you start a blog, maybe progress on learning German and Spanish can be one of the topics you can talk about.


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