Drive-By Update

I figured after nearly a month, it was about time I posted to this thing, even though I don't really have anything exciting in the world of language learning to report.

I've been studying my Romanian for the last few days, as well as a little Serbian and Portuguese. I also tried to translate some Polish music this morning using this website.


  1. I'd be very interested in knowing more about your Romanian studies. It's the next language on my hit list ;)

  2. From Lorenzo

    Kelly where are you? I was wondering about the Compassion International website and I wanted to sponsor a child. Can you give me some advice? Share it on your blog. Thanks.

  3. Hey, I volunteered to help find a sponsor for a child through their What I Want for Christmas campaign. They sent me info on a 6-year old girl from Rwanda. Her name is Niyonsenga, and if you'd like, I'd be more than happy to pass her info on to you via snail mail.

    My email is if you wanted to give me an address to send Niyonsenga's info. Sorry, I don't want to put pressure on you to sponsor her, but if not her, definitely check into sponsoring any child through CI. I have honestly been happy with them. The sponsorship amount ($38/month) is higher than other similar programs, but I feel they've been responsible and trustworthy with what I've given.

    More info on sponsorship.

    I know I've disappeared from my language blogging, but I am still into learning languages (that will never change.) I was going to retire this blog and post to a different one. I'll get back on track soon - I'm a bit more motivated. :)


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