Making a Real Effort

I really want to get better at my languages. I'm tired of being at a standstill and my lack of motivation.

No more passively listening to a newscast while organizing my desk drawer, or reading headlines in a newspaper but not the whole article.

Goodbye to language blogs sitting empty or taking months to post.

Gone are the days of books collecting dust on my shelf, telenovelas gone unwatched, and song lyrics untranslated.

I'm done with audio/subtitle options on DVDs going unused, bookmarked but forgotten podcasts, and long drives sans course CDs.

There are so many things I could be doing every day to improve any one of the languages I'm learning, and I'm going to try harder to do just that.


  1. I know you will get organized if you focus on it, just like me:) You're still good at knowing the vocal, and translating. Keep working at it. At least you enjoy it all, too.

  2. Nice post. It has given me a bit of motivation that I need. I keep putting off my language learning but I actually really like doing it once I get started ;-)
    Good luck!

  3. I'm the same way. It's so easy to put it off or to go back to what's easier and more familiar (like all these books I read in English while I have a small stack of Spanish-language books I've had for years and can't seem to get read), but I do really like learning languages, and for whatever reason, have never wanted to give up on this little hobby. :)


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