Romanian Love

I was looking at my Berlitz Romanian phrasebook this morning and thinking how much I love that language.  *starry eyes*


  1. Hey Kelly,

    I have been hearing alot about the Berlitz method...have you found it to be successful? I'm dabbling with a couple language sites such as Myngle and eduFire and I'm finding both to be very helpful. I'm homeschooling my children and they love the interactivity of the sites above. Does Berlitz offer anything like this? I'm interested in learning more about this program.

  2. Unfortunately, this is the only experience with Berlitz I've had and since what I have is just a phrasebook w/accompanying cassette, I don't think I'm getting the full Berlitz experience, so I can't really give a proper review of the Berlitz method.

    This particular product I have has been useful for learning pronunciation, phrases needed for travel and some grammar. Although the cassette starts out following the book, it doesn't always, which can be frustrating if you like to see and hear the words at the same time.

    You may be able to find better info on Berlitz by searching the forums or asking at How to Learn Any Language.



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