Dutch and Deutsch

I went to the library this afternoon and checked-out a country profile book about the Netherlands called Holland by Mies Bouhuys. It's pretty dated, copyright 1971, but it's written in English, Dutch and German, so I couldn't resist. Though there are whole pages with text, most is in the form of photo captions, making it a good way to read some Dutch in small doses.
Here's a random example, showing English, Dutch and German...
~Giethoorn is a true water village.
~Giethoorn is een echt waterdorp.
~Giethoorn ist ein echtes 'Wasserdorf'.

It's interesting to be able to compare these three related languages, even if the translation is nearly never as straight-forward as the above.


  1. That IS interesting to see how the languages all compare. It's funny how so many languages really resemble each other.

  2. That's why it's so tempting to try your hand at a new language after you've made a good amount of progress with another in the same family. :)


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