An Ear for Languages

Since I thought Polish was Icelandic (of all things), I decided I should hone-up on my listening skills - an area I slack on in all of my languages. I brought along all my Polish books to my sister's and have worked out a plan for the dialogues:
~Listen 5x w/out looking at the transcript (to get a feel for what the speakers are saying).
~Listen and repeat 5x while this time looking at the words (to visually match sounds to letters).
~Listen and repeat 5x again w/out looking at the words.
I also like to do the reverse. Instead of waiting for the speaker, then mimicking them, I'll speak first and see if they match me.


  1. I just put you as a link on my blog!

    Also, I'm going to let you "borrow" indefinitely all my Spanish books and workbooks, even though you're basically fluent! I thought you might like them as references and I don't want to pack them with me!

  2. That would be cool, thanks. :) I'm surprised you still have them after all this time.

  3. I think you might be a genius, Kelly! This blog is great!


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