An Update

I figured I should finally update this thing. Here's the scoop on my language learning:

No longer dabbling in Persian. I've decided I don't want to learn it afterall, but I do have a strong interest in learning Lithuanian. That said, I'm resisting the temptation, what with all the other languages I've got going.

I've decided to bring Norwegian back into the mix, but I really need to get the hang of pronunciation and intonation. The pronunciation isn't so bad, but that pitch accent has been a problem for me.

And finally, I sent an email to my older sister in D.C., asking her about any bookshops that sold literature in foreign languages (other than Spanish, which I can easily get in St. Louis). I figured since D.C. is more of an international city, she would have more luck. I'm excited to see what she finds for me. :)


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